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    About the Book

    Cultivating the Spirit is based on a national study of undergraduates. Findings show that religious engagement among students declines somewhat during college, but their spirituality shows substantial growth. Students become more caring, more tolerant, more connected with others, and more actively engaged in a spiritual quest. The study identified a number of college activities that contribute to students’ spiritual growth. The authors also found that spiritual growth enhances other outcomes, such as academic performance, psychological well-being, leadership development, and satisfaction with college. Cultivating the Spirit also incorporates findings from a national survey of faculty along with insights gleaned through interviews with students and professors.

    Table of Contents

    1. Why Spirituality Matters
    2. Assessing Spiritual and Religious Qualities
    3. Spiritual Quest: The Search for Meaning and Purpose
    4. Equanimity
    5. Spirituality in Practice: Caring For and About Others
    6. The Religious Life of College Students
    7. Religious Struggle and Skepticism
    8. How Spiritual Growth Affects Educational and Personal Development
    9. Higher Education and the Life of the Spirit

    To learn more about the Spirituality in Higher Education project, please visit: www.spirituality.ucla.edu.